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Senate Bill 2 (SBS) Update:  At this point most if not all of the shooting community in California is aware that Govenor Newsom signed SB2 doubling the train times and including ‘sensitive areas’ that are already being challenged in Court. There is another requirement under SB2 that may end up being a ‘monkey wrench’ in the system. In SB2’s language there is a two-sentence paragraph stating that the Class will include an hour of Mental Health instruction, but the instructors are not able to teach that Hour. We have requested clarification and guidance with no valid answers as of this writing. I will update you once I have valid answers.

We are fast tracking all Initial and Renewal CCW Classes in order to process as many new and renewal CCW’s Students before the end of the Year when the new requirements kick in. If you want an Initial of Renewal CCW Class, you may sign up for any posted date regardless of whether it is a new or renewal. Call Tim for more info. Private Classes are available if current dates do not work for you.


Ron G.

Complete the training class with Dynamic CCW Academy in October of 2023. Tim and Mike are professionals when it comes to the depth of knowledge, explaining concepts with ease, running a very well structured material, They bring everybody along in terms of understanding the material, operation of the firearms and providing real life examples to demonstrate the concepts. I highly advise taking the CCW Training class from them. They make themselves available after the course in terms of questions, advise and references.

Nick P.

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